Monday, January 30, 2017

Kraft plus January

Just made it to share in this months on-your-bike-january-challenge at
Holiday time and been away.
This is an original  photo,  so quality is poor but it was my first thought when I saw this challenge.  I was a little girl busy building cubby houses  with the excess  bricks from the new house we moved into in 1968. My little  tricycle looks a little overloaded!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

221 @ CSI

It's so much fun experimenting with the colour scheme Debbi gives us each challenge!

Do you want to know how we choose the colours?

I find the best hint is to choose 2 main colours that will dominate the page but particularly compliments your photo. Then add third colour using a little less of it then highlight the other 2 colours in small amounts, for example I used chocolate in a tag and "ME"

As you can see none of the colours are in these photos but that makes them stand out.
They were taken with a film camera  about 2004 and they have some light flaws but I was able to use embellishments to hide them.

Another fun idea, try to do your story using word stickers!